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Alternative to embedded coder for home users

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Prashant on 18 Sep 2019
Commented: Prashant on 24 Sep 2019
I am using Matlab 2019 home edition and looks like a lot of people like me are hoping to get Embedded coder so they can work on their hobby projects with STM32 controllers. Based on what i have seen so far it doesnt look like Mathworks is going to sell this package to home users. I just wanted to check with the community experts if there's a low end alternative to embedded coder for hobbyists or wheather there's a way to expand arduino support packages to include stm32 ? Since this is purely for hobby project i can live without the advance features that come with embedded coder.

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Bill Chou
Bill Chou on 19 Sep 2019
Edited: Bill Chou on 19 Sep 2019
Hi Prashant,
Thanks for your interest in using Embedded Coder with MATLAB Home. We're always looking for feedback from customers, so appreciate your comment.
Would you mind sharing a bit more about how you'd use Embedded Coder with STM32? It would help us better understand what Home users would like to do.
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Prashant on 24 Sep 2019
Hi Bill,
I purchased MATLAB home edition to server two purposes. First is to improve my MATLAB skills which i sometimes use for my day job and second is to use same tool sets for personal projects like in robotics where i can be more creative with its applications. Although I come from embedded system background and can write some sort of comms protocol to make STM32 controllers work with Simulink, having something like embedded coder / Arduino simulink block will remove the hassel of embedded coding and will allow us to focus more on the controls part. Also, in my experience the hobbyist community these days is getting more knowledgeble with complex microcontrollers and are looking for better programming tools. I believe if Mathswork can release hardware support for STM32 controllers, it will greatly benifit the home users such as myself.
Appreciate you taking time to read this post and hopefully Mathswork will take a note of my request.
Kind Regards,

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