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why Matlab don't use Swap but error "Out of memory"?

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HaveF on 17 Sep 2012
I was wondering why Matlab don't use Swap but throw out error "Out of memory"?
It should be slow instead of throw out error "Out of memory".
Because Java related something?
I know "out of memory" means it's out of contiguous memory. and Swap doesn't have contiguous memory, or? I'm confused...


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Jan on 17 Sep 2012
Edited: Jan on 17 Sep 2012
Swapping increases the available contiguos memory, but only until a certain limit. If this limit is exhausted you get the "Out of memory" error.
Even for a giantic virtual memory, a 32-bit Matlab version can access 4GB of RAM only. So please mention the version of Matlab and the OS.

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HaveF on 19 Sep 2012
Thanks! Btw, I also asked this question on stackflow.

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