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save obj creates a large mat files, disagrees with whos

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Julia Fischer
Julia Fischer on 30 Oct 2019
Edited: per isakson on 31 Oct 2019
I have a class Node with 3 properties: index , coord, and orientation; or any class.
classdef Node
idx; %index
coord; %coordinates
ori; %origin , rotation, whatever
function obj=Node(id,coo,or) %simplest construtor ever
when i run this for loop:
clear nodes
for i=1:1000
nodes(i)=Node(i,[i i i ] , [0 0 0 ]);
I got a vector of obj Node , and "whos nodes" gives me
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
nodes 1x1000 56000 Node
with 7 doubles * 8 bytes/double * 1000 = 56000 Bytes
But save produces an extremendly larger file
save 'nodes.mat' nodes;
ls -la nodes.mat = 1179578 bytes ~1.2M
I would have expected the mat file to be a big larger than what is reported by whos ( size, m ,n , address, class name, etc ) but not 20 times larger
How could it be ?


per isakson
per isakson on 30 Oct 2019
With R2018b
save( 'nodes1.mat', 'nodes', '-v7' );
save( 'nodes2.mat', 'nodes', '-v7.3' );
The first gives a 22KB file (less than half of what whos reports) and the second 1.2MB
'How could it be?' '-v7.3' produces an involved HDF5 file. HDF5 shines when it comes to large numerical arrays and "signals".
Julia Fischer
Julia Fischer on 31 Oct 2019
Hi Per,
thanks for you comment , but still my problem remains.
I also have other similar classes and when I have let's say 10 Mio. of objs I am over 10GB with 7.3 , instead of the 500 MB with v7. Once I have rechead the 2GB data size format v7 will no longer work. Moreover, save takes much more time using v7.3 than v 7.0
Along with my classes I have saved several large array using mat 7.3 and you are right , with HDF5 the bytes count fits the expected sizes
Since I am in a industrial enviroment we produce a lot of data very quickly .....

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per isakson
per isakson on 31 Oct 2019
Edited: per isakson on 31 Oct 2019
"Once I have reached the 2GB data size format v7 will no longer work." ???
Doc on save v7 says: 2^31 bytes per variable
Experiment (R2018b)
a1 = rand(1e6,1e3); % rand to avoid dramatic compression
a01 = a1(1:1e5,:);
a02 = a1(1e5:2e5,:);
a03 = a1(2e5:3e5,:);
a04 = a1(3e5:4e5,:);
a05 = a1(4e5:5e5,:);
a06 = a1(5e5:6e5,:);
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
a01 100000x1000 800000000 double
a02 100001x1000 800008000 double
a03 100001x1000 800008000 double
a04 100001x1000 800008000 double
a05 100001x1000 800008000 double
a06 100001x1000 800008000 double
save( '-regexp', 'a0\d', '-v7' );
produces a 4.5GB mat-file
"industrial enviroment" You might want to discuss your problem with MathWorks. I don't know the limits of v7 and you don't want to find out when it is too late.


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