Removing Outbound (out of range) data from an array

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I have an array which includes 3 million data points. The average of this array in equal to 10 but the variance is too much. However, I tried to use moving average to decreace the variance but I'm looking for a way to remove the out of range data from the array before taking moving average. For instance, in my array, most of the numbers of between 5 and 15 but also I have some numbers that are about 200000. How can I delete unwanted data points from my array?. Is there any function for that?. Basically, I know the logical range of the numbers in the array, and I just want the numbers in that range.
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Accepted Answer

Fabio Freschi
Fabio Freschi on 7 Nov 2019
% dimension
N = 1000000;
% data in (0,1)
x = rand(N,1);
% threshold
xMin = 0.25;
xMax = 0.75;
% remove data out of the range
x(x < xMin |x > xMax) = [];
% or (this is faster for large datasets)
xKept = x(x < xMax);

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