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How to code this equation?

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Alvin Alvin
Alvin Alvin on 5 Dec 2019
Commented: Alvin Alvin on 5 Dec 2019
To improve the significance of the data, a comprehensive evaluation parameter was set in the experiment so that the average values of different sets of test data could be presented in a consistent manner:
1 (1).png
where n is the sample size, Yi is the result of testing on a certain sample, and Y_ is the average value.
How to code this equation?

Accepted Answer

galaxy on 5 Dec 2019
This formula mean Y = sum of all Y(i) value with i = 1:n
I do not know what is Y(i) so can not write detai.
Please refer symsum
Alvin Alvin
Alvin Alvin on 5 Dec 2019
thanks Walter Roberson, give your answer will accept your answer for this question

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Dec 2019
y_bar = mean(Y);
y_bar = sum(Y)./length(Y);
Note: the second of those will malfunction if Y is a 2D array that has more columns than it has rows. The equation does not describe what should happen for 2D arrays, so what the "correct" output is for that case can be argued.

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