Delete entire rows based on one condition

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Khayroon Suleyman
Khayroon Suleyman on 5 Dec 2019
Edited: Luna on 9 Dec 2019
I am a beginner in Matlab. I have a table that has 7 columns and 240 rows.
I need to delete entire rows based on the following condition:
1. if a value of column 7 is superior than 1000 and inferior than 100 => delete this row
I have attached an image of how the datset looks like. Please help!

Answers (1)

Luna on 5 Dec 2019
Edited: Luna on 6 Dec 2019
Try this:
data = num2cell(randi(5000,240,7)); % sample random data in a cell array
my_Table = cell2table(data); % convert cell array to table
new_table = my_Table(~(my_Table.data7 > 1000 | my_Table.data7 < 100),:); % filter and remove
Luna on 9 Dec 2019
Use the fullfile path and name together for example:
The path is where your excel file is.

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