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Speed up running Simulink model using sim in MATLAB Grader

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Isobel Mear
Isobel Mear on 10 Dec 2019
Answered: Cris LaPierre on 16 Jan 2020
I have been using MATLAB Grader to much success, but now I want to get my students to run a simple Simulink model using a script. The script is two blocks (Sine Wave and To Workspace). The Sine Wave has two varaibles defined (amp and freq) in the block parameters. My code is:
% block parameters
amp = 5;
freq = pi;
% Run the model
mySim = sim('mg_sin_wave_variables','StopTime','10');
% Use 'get' function to access the information from simulation saved as mySim
T = mySim.get('tout') ; % Get array of time steps
R = mySim.get('simout'); % Get array of results from To Workspace Block
% Plot results
At the moment using Chrome and a good internet connection it takes around 40 seconds to run. This is impressive given its in browser, but I would like to run the simulation for a few cases, which is leading to a few minutes of waiting for the output. Any ideas on how I can speed this up?
I have tried uploading the .slxc file but this doesn't seem to make things faster, I just get a Warning saying:
[Warning: The file containing block diagram 'mg_sin_wave_variables' has been changed on disk since it was loaded. Simulink is unable to reload it automatically because it is the root
model. Close it and reopen it manually.]
[> In solution (line 6)
In run (line 91)
In scoringengine.runScript
In ScoringEngineSharedVariable1 (line 1)
In solutionTest (line 3)]


Sagar Zade
Sagar Zade on 12 Jan 2020
Hi Isobel,
Did you manage to find a solution? If not then I reccomend that you contact Technical Support -
Isobel Mear
Isobel Mear on 14 Jan 2020
I did not. Thanks for the prompt. I did contact support who said that Simulik is not officially supported yet.

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Answers (1)

Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre on 16 Jan 2020
We actively discourage incorporating Simulink into MATLAB Grader. It is not a supported use-case.


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