How can I load netcdf file as input to ANN?

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Geetha R
Geetha R on 14 Dec 2019
Commented: Geetha R on 27 Dec 2019
I have netcdf file of rainfall data with 102 latitudes and 105 longitudes and I have to bias correct my data using ANN - linear regression. As ANN toolbox takes vector data as input, how can i give netcdf file as input to this toolbox. It is very much difficult to process each vector data of 102x105 separately. How can i do bias correction for such large data easily.

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Piyush Dubey
Piyush Dubey on 17 Dec 2019
This example shows how to read data from a NetCDF file and getting variables into the workspace.
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Geetha R
Geetha R on 27 Dec 2019
Dear Sir,
Thank you so much for your reply. I have added the variables from netcdf file into workspace, but the ANN toolbox doesn't accept this input. While selecting the input file, the netcdf variable from workspace is not shown. Kindly help me on this regard.

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