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what pc for student desktop use

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I checked on this Q but answers are quite old. I have r2019b Student
whats suggested for today as I find Matalb can be very slow
I checked on my current installation
size 14.5G
files 438k
folders 46k
I have a domestic m/c W8.1
Asus essentio w intel i7 core x64 3.8MHz 6G Ram 1TB storage
about 5 years old
it works well ( I dont do gaming)
With that size of Matalb installation maybe there are access issues?
would it help to disable the installed apps I am not currently using (concerned with control system etc)
trying to narrow down my speed problems

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 15 Dec 2019
The total size of MATLAB with all those toolboxes does not not make much difference as MATLAB is only going to read most of those if you call upon the toolbox function.
Removing toolboxes that you do not use might help a little, perhaps make the search for missing functions or matches for help documentation a little faster. Not so much though.

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anshuman mishra
anshuman mishra on 15 Dec 2019
Yes you can disable the installed apps which you dont want.
If possible when running MATLAB try minimal use of background programs.


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per isakson
per isakson on 15 Dec 2019
Edited: per isakson on 15 Dec 2019
"Matlab can be very slow" I beg to disagree, but YMMV. Did you run MATLAB benchmark ?
It all depends on for what you will use Matlab. If you plan to use the Parallel Toolbox you'll need more RAM and an appropriate graphic card (GPU).

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robin teslar
robin teslar on 15 Dec 2019
thanx for tip on bench
I ran it and went off for a coffee!
It seems my m/c is 4x slower than other equivalent machines (with W10). Even XP was the fastest.
I must investigate this further
Its a pity the pop up screens cant be copied otherwise I would post results

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