Transfer function G(s) with plot or data

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Marek Kryger
Marek Kryger on 20 Dec 2019
Answered: krishna teja on 23 Dec 2019
I have data and a graph from this data.
How to do transfer function G (s) from a chart or data?
Somebody knows?

Answers (1)

krishna teja
krishna teja on 23 Dec 2019
you could use
np = 2; % number of poles
nz = 1; % number of zeros
exp_data = readmatrix('data.csv'); %read data
u = exp_data(:,1); % input data
y = exp_data(:,2); % output data
Ts = 0.01; % sampling time in seconds
data = iddata(y,u,Ts);
sys = tfest(data,np,nz)
in MATLAB for estimating transfer function from data
more details can be found here

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