Configuring Web App Server

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Eleanna Kritikaki
Eleanna Kritikaki on 27 Dec 2019
Hello everyone,
Currently having the most horrendous time configuring the Web App Server to host an app I created using App Designer.
I am a Mac user (Mac OS Mojave).
I have created an interactive app (GUI etc) with Matlab's App Designer. I have packaged my app with the Web App Compiler, and am now trying to host it with Matlab's Web App server, that I have to configure first as per
The hardest part of the process for me seems to be the 'enabling HTTPS part, which requires a private key & a certificate file (looks like the file extensions should be .pem here- ).
I am a total neonate in these things (web app lingo etc). I have tried several instructions that get more and more complicated e.g. generate-and-import-a-self-signed-ssl-certificate-on-mac-osx-sierra but-given that these are the correct (???) instructions, I always get stuck somewhere. For example, at step 4 on the above- the terminal is complaining that
DNS.1: command not found
and I am getting the same for keyUsage. Any ideas?
Thanks so much

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Suresh Balakrishnama
Suresh Balakrishnama on 14 Oct 2020
I couldn't get to the link - generate-and-import-a-self-signed-ssl-certificate-on-mac-osx-sierra, looks like mimecast changed the link. When you run the command to generate the certificates, please make sure to provide the MATLAB Web Apps home page URL. Please provide the command where you received the error message.
Yes, the two files are with extensions .pem.

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