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Regrading problem in publishing

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Akkineni on 4 Oct 2012
When i try to publish , it takes infinite time (does not publish). When i break the operation i get the following :
*_Operation terminated by user during DSP_II_HW_IV (line 68)
In evalmxdom>instrumentAndRun (line 89) text = evalc(evalstr);
In evalmxdom (line 20) [data,text,laste] = instrumentAndRun(file,cellBoundaries,imageDir,imagePrefix,options);
In publish (line 168) dom = evalmxdom(file,dom,cellBoundaries,prefix,imageDir,outputDir,options);
In mdbpublish (line 55) outputPath = publish(file, options);
>> Error using open (line 69) NAME must contain a single string._*
Please suggest what is causing error and how can i correct it .

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per isakson
per isakson on 4 Oct 2012
Hard to say without knowing what you try to publish.
Try to publish piecewise to find out if a specific item in your file causes the problem.

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