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Plotting table data with dates

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jinang patel
jinang patel on 13 Feb 2020
Answered: Lei Hou on 13 Feb 2020
Im trying the following, however the plot doesnt display dates correctly
A=[10/20/2019 5; 11/12/2019 6]

Accepted Answer

Lei Hou
Lei Hou on 13 Feb 2020
Hi Jinang,
In your code, the first column of "A" is not a datetime. It is just numeric value calculated by using division operator (/). You should construct two variables: one for datetime, and the other for numeric data. Here is one solution to your problem.
date = [datetime(2019,10,20);datetime(2019,11,12)];
point = [5;6];
table = table(date, point);

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