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resizing an array in MATLAB

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Gernot Beer
Gernot Beer on 20 Feb 2020
Answered: Athul Prakash on 23 Feb 2020
I have an array that is declared global and after first definig it and using it with size [1,3] - for example - I want to resize it to be [1,2] for the next step.
> global sin
> sin= [1 2 3]
> resize sin to only have 2 columns.
Thanks for your help.


Alex Mcaulley
Alex Mcaulley on 20 Feb 2020
This is very basic. I recommend you to do the Matlab tutorial
the cyclist
the cyclist on 20 Feb 2020
I second the general recommendation to go through a basic tutorial.
But, also, I have some suggestions/questions:
  • You should not define a variable called sin. That is a MATLAB keyword for the sine function. It is poor programming practice to name variables with keywords.
  • Why are you defining the variable to be global? That is almost never necessary, especially in the sorts of programs a beginner will be using.
  • Your variable has 3 values. How can you make it into a size [1,2] array? Do you want to discard a value?

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Answers (1)

Athul Prakash
Athul Prakash on 23 Feb 2020
I think what you're looking for is a way to index. I'm sure you'll find the answer here:
If you want a solid grip on MATLAB basics, have a look at the MATLAB Onramp:
Hope it Helps!


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