mdf() function with German Umlaut ä,ö,ü or other special characters

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Frank Wuechner
Frank Wuechner on 17 Mar 2020
Answered: Michelle Wu on 18 Nov 2021
I have been using the mdf() function for quite a while now for GUI tools to convert mdf files etc.
Somewhere between Matlab 2018b and 2019b the mdf() function lost its ability to interpret German umlauts within the input string. I get the error message:
"Can't create a std::string from this data"
For example, this error appears when I try to read a file called "äb.mf4". It was still possible on Matlab 2017b and 2018b.
Any way to deal whith this? I cannot use strrep or other functions as I cannot change the names of my input file names or paths accordingly.
Huadong Niu
Huadong Niu on 3 Nov 2020
2018a可以用中文做文件名,但是2020a和2020b在matlab m文件和命令行就不能用中文名了,否则会报出Can't create a std::string from this data.的故障,这非常的奇怪。mlapp文件中 代码使用mdf()函数,也不可以用中文名的

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Answers (1)

Michelle Wu
Michelle Wu on 18 Nov 2021
Vehicle Network Toolbox R2021a contains improved support of international characters for the MDF functions. Please upgrade to R2021a and error should be resolved.

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