Power losses in Simscape Electrical

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Igor on 1 Apr 2020
Answered: David John on 17 Aug 2020
I just started using Simscape Electrical (Matlab 2019b) and have few questions.
  1. Is the thermal model only available for semiconductor elements and not converter blocks, i.e. for three phase inverter to calculate losses I cannot use three phase converter block but have to create my own inverter out of IGBT modules?
  2. When I try to use Thermal Port option for IGBT module, I can only see entry points for IGBT switching losses (Eon and Eoff) and not for Diode (Err). Does this mean I have to use IGBT without integrated protection diode and Diode module to represent freewheeling diode?
  3. Diode properties are different than IGBT. Where can I enter Err data for Diode?

Answers (1)

David John
David John on 17 Aug 2020
1) At this time, the Converter (Three-Phase) block does not support a thermal port, so yes, you would need to build it up out of more fundamental components.
2) The diode switching losses are difficult to scale correctly using only Err values, so if you would like to include these, you need to enable the "Protection diode with charge dynamics", and select the other parameters as appropriate for your device (using iRM, etc.). This will dynamically simulate the diode switching losses, and then they will be included as heat onto the thermal port.
3) If you need a different thermal network for the diode and IGBT, then you will need to use a separate Diode block and turn off the Integral protection diode inside the IGBT. The Diode block can similarly simulate charge dynamics for switching losses.

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