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Difference Between Filter Designer and Filter Builder

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What's the difference in using the Filter Designer or the Filter Builder? Isn't the filter designer usually better as you are able to see different responses of the filter graphically? I guess the filter builder is useful whenever you already know the structure of the filter, is that right?

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Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri el 4 de Mayo de 2020
The main difference is that the design of a filter in Filter Designer starts by selection of an algorithm whereas, Filter Builder uses a specification-centered approach to find the best algorithm for the desired response. So, Filter builder may not be used only when the filter structure is known.
Filter Designer can be used as an alternative to the command-line filter design functions. Filter builder relies only on the fdesign object and is intended to reduce development time during the filter design process.
You may also find differences in the filter responses supported by both the apps. You may find more information about the Filter Designer and Filter Builder from following documenation.

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