Size mismatch ([:? x :?] ~= [:? x :? x :?]).

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Vimal Prasath
Vimal Prasath on 20 May 2020
Commented: Wilson A N on 1 Jun 2020
I'm trying to convert my program into C/C++ code. but when i tried to convert my code using matlab coder i'm getting error "Size mismatch ([:? x :?] ~= [:? x :? x :?])" at 60th line inside the helperRadarLidarFusionFcn.
P(onlyLidarStates,onlyLidarStates) = PL;
at this line "P(onlyLidarStates,onlyLidarStates)" size was Inf x:Inf and "PL " size was Inf x:Inf x:Inf
I'm attaching the helperRadarLidarFusionFcn.m file
How do i clear this error?
Vimal Prasath
Vimal Prasath on 20 May 2020
I tried the same command that you used above, Still i'm getting the same errors
>> codegen helperRadarLidarFusionFcn -args {coder.typeof(2,[Inf Inf]),coder.typeof(2,[Inf Inf Inf])}
??? Size mismatch ([:? x :?] ~= [:? x :? x :?]).
Error in ==> helperRadarLidarFusionFcn Line: 60 Column: 1
Code generation failed: View Error Report
Error using codegen
I dont know why it is happening, Please help me solving this issue

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Accepted Answer

Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 21 May 2020
Edited: Wilson A N on 21 May 2020
Hi Vimal,
I was able to reproduce the issue with MATLAB R2019b. Based on my observations, can you try changing the code in line no 49-60 to the following:
if sum(valid) > 1
[xL,PL] = fusecovint(xMerge,PMerge);
P(onlyLidarStates,onlyLidarStates) = PL;
elseif sum(valid) == 1
xL = xMerge;
PL = PMerge;
P(onlyLidarStates,onlyLidarStates) = PL(:,:,1);
xL = 0;
PL = 1;
P(onlyLidarStates,onlyLidarStates) = PL;
x(onlyLidarStates) = xL;
% P(onlyLidarStates,onlyLidarStates) = PL;
From my understanding of the error message, there is a dimension mismatch that was taking place. So, I explicitly specified the PL variable with dimensions before assigning it to variable P in each path of the if else condition.
In the elseif condition I gave PL(:,:,1) as only when valid = 1, then sum(valid) = 1.
I was able to compile successfully with this small modification.
Hope it helps.
- Wilson
Wilson A N
Wilson A N on 1 Jun 2020
Hi William,
I tried the following command with the attached file, but I was unable to reproduce the issue
codegen AGCWD -args {coder.typeof(3,[Inf Inf])}
But by just looking at the code, I think the issue can be fixed by just rewriting line 84 with a simple nested for loop.
Line 84 is used to assign the values to 'color_image' from 'value_channel'. Now, explicitly specifying which values to assign to which elements would likely resolve the issue. A pseudocode for the above can look something like below:
for (i = 1; i < size(value_channel,1);i++)
for (j = 1; i < size(value_channel,2);i++)
color_image(i,j,3) = value_channel(i,j);
Hope it helps :)
- Wilson

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