extracting values at set intervals from a vector

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From the following vector:
depth = [0:0.1:20];
How could I create a new vector that had the same data as 'depth' but a value taken every 0.5, providing an outcome of:
d2 = depth(1:5:end);
Since my data is not actually spaced at 0.1 intervals but at randomly distributed intervals I cannot apply the simple approach shown above. What would be the best methods of achieving this?

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Jan on 6 Nov 2012
Use interp1 for a linear interpolation.
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Richard on 6 Nov 2012
Edited: Richard on 6 Nov 2012
Is there another way o doing this, the overall aim of what I am attempting to achieve is to measure the uncertainty of interpolation methods. Isn't there a method for taking the first value and then every value in the vector which is + 0.5 of the last? maybe use floor if they are not exact?

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