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Export data from MATLAB table to new table in Excel

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Rachael Courts
Rachael Courts on 25 May 2020
Commented: rubindan on 15 Jun 2020
See image below for reference.
I have created a 5763 x 15 table named 'data' which you can see in my workspace. I am wanting to export all information (including headers) from this table into xlsx.
I thought I'd try code on just 3 columns to see if I could get it working. For all the coding I have tried I receive 'T' as just 3 header columns without any information within the rows.
In the image you will see a few of the many attempts I have tried. Any help would be welcomed!


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Accepted Answer

rubindan on 25 May 2020
To use writetable(T) the object T must be a table class object, created with the table command.
In your case T is a cell array of three strings. The correct form to use would be
id = some_vector_of_numbers;
UTS = anouther_vector;
startSeconds = yet_another_vector;
T = table(id,UTS,startSeconds);
Matlab will use the column names id,UTS, and startSeconds for the header.


Rachael Courts
Rachael Courts on 11 Jun 2020
Hi Rubindan,
I've just tried your suggestion now. As a MATLAB novice I'm unsure what 'some_vector_of_numbers' is supposed to be. I tried this
Id = 5763
UTC = 5763
startSeconds = 5763
T = table(Id,UTC,startSeconds)
The above just gave an output of T 1x3 where each column was the headers suggested above, not showing any data?
I also tried changing '5763' to '5763x15' but it didnt work, I'm getting these numbers from the table where I want the data to come from, see below.
rubindan on 15 Jun 2020
I was thinking that id, startSeconds, and UTS are columns in your table, but now I see that your table has 15 columns. In thaty case I do not undesrant what they are.
To save the table as it is just type writetable(data,'data.xlsx')

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