load txt file in matrix into matlab

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how to load this into matlab from a txt file:
[1 2 1 E A Iy Iz Ix J
2 3 2 E A Iy Iz Ix J
3 4 3 E A Iy Iz Ix J]
the problem is that the letters E A Iy Iz Ix J ----> gives NaN when I load it into matlab
polo Mahmoud
polo Mahmoud on 2 Jun 2020
i need the numbers and letters as the letters later in matlab has to replaced by numbers

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Accepted Answer

Anish Walia
Anish Walia on 2 Jun 2020
Since the data type of all values is not same, try importing it as cell array
data = readcell('testload.txt')

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 2 Jun 2020
As Madhan mentioned that you might want to load it as symbolic, you may try
str = fileread('test.txt');
words = regexp(str, '\w+', 'match');
idx = cellfun(@(x) isnan(str2double(x)), words);
M = eval(str);


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