Extrema of a PointCloud surface

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Memo Remo
Memo Remo on 18 Jun 2020
Commented: Memo Remo on 20 Jun 2020
I have a set of data points in 3D space (a matrix of (n x 3), in which each row corresponds to a point) that are extracted from a stl file and all together describe an irregular surface. I want to find the extrema of this surface. Is there anyway to do this in matlab? Attached is a sample file.
I know using the approach described in the following post we can find the extrema but the problem is that my data points are not continous and I cannot use meshgrid.
Memo Remo
Memo Remo on 19 Jun 2020
Thanks Darova,
I think I should be able o do that. However, it is not very easy to do so.
You mean I should search for those locations that has minimum variations in the direction of the normal vector?

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Accepted Answer

darova on 20 Jun 2020
Edited: darova on 20 Jun 2020
Here is the idea:
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Memo Remo
Memo Remo on 20 Jun 2020
"griddata" was the function I was looking for.

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