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C28x Memory Operations

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Yusuf Selim KARATAS
Yusuf Selim KARATAS on 8 Jul 2020
Dear All,
I am trying to add memory operations one of my complex model. But before directly implementing to complex one , I just wanted to create a simple model for just this task and give it a try.
You can see model diagram below.
What I have tried to do is:
Blue Led is directly controlled with a GPI.
Red Led is controlled with a value that is stored in memory. Value of the stored memory is sum of previous value of itself and instant value of GPI. If it gets bigger than 2.2 it need to be ON.
Without any memory operation, Blue LED(MAVİ LED) works as expected. But when I add any memory operation RED LED(KIRMIZI LED) does not operate as expected. Even Blue Led starts to not operate as expected. It turns OFF and does not turn ON again despite of changing situation of GPIO.
Time step is 1 second. So I try each step and wait for result regarding with that timestep.
I have also shared related .slx file.

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