timer with varying periods

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Mihai on 18 Dec 2012
Answered: Martin Grden on 7 Oct 2020
Hi all!
I am running a test setup where I need to take measurements at varying intervals that are between the values of 47 < T < 53 seconds.
By this I mean, the period between executions of TimerFcn is not a constant value, rather a random value between 47 and 53.
Do you guys know if this is possible with the timer function?
I checked the 'Period' property of Timer(), and it takes a double value, not a function.
This is how I have my code set up right now.
getMeasurementsTimer = timer();
set(getMeasurementsTimer, 'executionmode', 'fixedRate', 'period', data);
set(getMeasurementsTimer, 'StartFcn', {'startTest', hObject});
set(getMeasurementsTimer, 'TimerFcn', {'getTemp', hObject});
Mihai on 19 Dec 2012
Edited: Mihai on 19 Dec 2012
By varying interval i mean a dynamic value for the "period" property. So between execution one and two it could be 49.555 seconds, and the next time the function is executed is 52.111 seconds later.
One of the requirements is that the difference between the max Tr (period between measurements)and min Tr has to be at least 4 seconds.

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Accepted Answer

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 19 Dec 2012
I don't know of this being possible, but it is certainly a good idea for an enhancement request.
Here is how I would tackle this:
  1. Have the timer only execute once, i.e. 'TasksToExecute' = 1.
  2. In the 'TimerFcn' have it start a new timer with a StartDelay equivalent to your new period.
  3. Finally at the end of the 'TimerFcn', have it delete the timer calling it so you don't end up with hundreds of timers
Amira chriki
Amira chriki on 16 Apr 2020
Can you please give me more details about how to change the timer's period inside the same timer timerFcn?

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Martin Grden
Martin Grden on 7 Oct 2020
% at the end of your TimerFcn:


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