How to use ginput to determine the coordinates of an image

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Beyza Kural
Beyza Kural on 3 Aug 2020
Answered: KSSV on 3 Aug 2020
I have a matrix of 4 images (2x2) and I want to use ginput to select an image and with that selection, determine which image it is. For example, if I click on (3000,2000) I want the program to tell me it is the orange flower image.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 3 Aug 2020
You have dimensions of each image...say dimensions of each image [m,n,3]. Initiate a matrix idx such that, each quarter has the value 1, 2, 3, 4 for each respective image. When you get [x,y] use interp2, and get the value.
idx = zeros(2*m,2*n) ;
idx(1:m,1:n) = 1 ; % first image
idx(1:m,n+1:end) = 2 ; % second image
idx(m+1:end,1:n) = 3 ; % third image
idx(m+1:end,n+1:end) = 4 ; % fourth image
p = interp2(idx,3000,2000) % see the value and decide the image

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