error when using subcircuit2ssc to import spice to simulink

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shaojun huang
shaojun huang on 29 Aug 2020
Commented: David John on 3 Aug 2021
i wan to have a defined rise and fall time for mosfet, so I convert a spice model to simulink. I copy a subcircuit to txt file from a lib file, and then rename it to cir file.
IMZ120R030M1H_L1test.cir is renamed as IMZ120R030M1H_L1test.txt for uploading here.
>> subcircuit2ssc('IMZ120R030M1H_L1test.cir','+mylibrary');
error using spiceBase/getConnectionString
All external nodes must be connected in X_M2.
error in spiceSubckt/getSimscapeText
error in spiceSubckt/preparSimscapeFile
error in subcircuit2ssc
error in subcircuit2ssc (line 31)
what can i do about this error?

Answers (1)

David John
David John on 3 Aug 2021
It looks like you may be missing the definitions for the subcircuits that are required to fully define X$M2 and X$M2. In particular, there should be definitions for subcircuits Z26 and Z28 that cannot be found in your file.
Any component in your netlist where the name begins with X also requires its own subcircuit definition.




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