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Create a Unreal Engine Scenario from Driving Scenario Creator

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Dimitrios Topouridis
Dimitrios Topouridis on 21 Sep 2020
Answered: Surya Talluri on 14 Oct 2020
is there a block that can do what the title says? i found the Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block but for that i first need an unreal engine project to import.

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Surya Talluri
Surya Talluri on 14 Oct 2020
I understand that you want to view simulation of your custom scenario in Unreal Engine. In MATLAB, we use Simulation 3D Scene Configuration block to view Unreal Engine simulation.
MATLAB already have a few prebuilt scenarios that you can simulate in Unreal Engine. You can refer to this documentation for further understanding.
To simulate your custom scene in Unreal Engine you have to create the scene in Unreal Editor. You can refer this documentation for it

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