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How to plot 4 different backgrounds in a figure?

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Hello, im trying to change the background of a figure, i need to have it divided in four sections and then add them a background color, just as i show in the picture.
Hope someone can help me. Thanks.


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Accepted Answer

Akira Agata
Akira Agata on 30 Oct 2020
How about using uipanel?
The following is an example:
% Sample colormap
cMap = rand(4,3);
% Graphic object array
hPanel = gobjects(4,1);
hAxes = gobjects(4,1);
hPlot = gobjects(4,1);
% Relative position of each panel
[x,y] = meshgrid([0 0.5]);
x = x(:);
y = y(:);
% Create the desired plot
hFig = figure;
for kk = 1:4
hPanel(kk) = uipanel(...
'Parent', hFig,...
'Units', 'normalized',...
'Position', [x(kk) y(kk) 0.5 0.5],...
hAxes(kk) = axes(...
'Parent', hPanel(kk));

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