Access pointer to struct in Matlab Coder

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I have a c header file with the following struct and inline function to access the pointer to the struct:
typedef struct {
float field1;
unsigned field2;
} myStruct;
extern myStruct data;
inline myStruct* access_structData (void) {
return &data;
I tried to access the pointer to the struct with coder.opaque:
structPtr = coder.opaque('myStruct *','NULL','HeaderFile','struct_header.h')
structPtr = coder.ceval('access_structData')
a = structPtr.field1;
I cannot generate code for this since "??? Attempt to extract field 'field1' from 'coder.opaque'". How can I read and write data to a struct using a pointer? Is there any proper work-arounds?
In c the code for what I try to do would look something like this:
float a = access_structData->field1;

Accepted Answer

Darshan Ramakant Bhat
Darshan Ramakant Bhat on 27 Nov 2020
The struct type is opaque for the MATLAB Coder. So it will not have the information about he fields. Can you please try the below work arounds :
  • If you wan to access each fields then write a wrapper to access them like below
float access_struct_field1(void) {
unsigned access_struct_field2(void) {
then invoke these calls through coder.ceal as necessary.
  • Do the struct operation in another wrapper function
Consider you want to do addition of the struct fields, then you can do these operations in another C wrapper function
float myStructOperations(myStruct* aStruct ) {
reutrn (float)(aStruct->field1+aStruct->field2);
In MATLAB you can do like below
structPtr = coder.opaque('myStruct *','NULL','HeaderFile','struct_header.h');
structPtr = coder.ceval('access_structData');
output = coder.ceval('myStructOperations',structPtr);

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