How to set default value for instance parameters​/Simulink.​Parameter?

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Malte Kliemann
Malte Kliemann on 10 Dec 2020
Commented: Paul on 13 Dec 2020
When using a ModelReference block, all instance parameters default to value [], even though they are define using a Simulink.Parameter object with a defined Value field (I expected the Value field to serve as default value for the specified instance parameter).
How can I set a default value for an instance parameter?
Please note that I sometimes want to use the default value, and sometimes don't. If I don't use a default value, I want to be able to programatically define the value of the parameter using this guide:

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 12 Dec 2020
You will need to configure the parameter as a model argument and then specify values for each isntance of the model block. It is a bit tricky. This link gives step by step instructions.
Paul on 13 Dec 2020
That’s really unfortunate. I’ve been wanting this behavior for some time.

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