How do I make a device driver block that outputs data from a global array?

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I am using Simulink and the Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware to generate and run C/C++ code on an Arduino Mega 2560. Everything works great, but I would like to develop a custom device driver. I went through the "Create a Digital Read Block" and I got that working.
For my application I need the source block to output the contents of a global array instead of just a scalar value. Coder.ceval only returns a scaler value.
So my question is how do I modify this function so I can output an array
function y = stepImpl(obj) %#ok<MANU>
y = double(0);
if isempty(
% Place simulation output code here
% Call C-function implementing device output
y = coder.ceval('source_output');

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Matt Griffith
Matt Griffith on 23 Dec 2020
Hey Everyone,
I finally figured out something that works. coder.opaque was not the answer, or if it was I could not get it working. This is probaly somewhat of a hack, but it works. So the really cool part about setting up a device driver block is that it allows you to copy paste cpp code straight from an example arduino sketch and use it, however I couldn't find any way for the device driver block to output a global array that I had defined in my driver cpp file.
The solution was to use a stateflow chart instead. All I had to do was make a structure that had my array in it in my global array in my driver .h file and then include that header file in the configuration paramters -> simulation Target -> header file.
Then I could drop in a stateflow chart that just outputs the array. This example was very helpful.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 12 Dec 2020
You will need create the matrix in your MATLAB function and then pass it to your C Function as an argument, encapsultated in teh coder.wref() function so that MATLAB will pass it by reference to your C code. See this link for details and example:
Matt Griffith
Matt Griffith on 15 Dec 2020
Ok I'm having trouble setting up coder.opaque. Inside the matlab command window I can create the system and successfully call .step(). I also have the system in Simulink and I can simulate, no big surprize as it doesn't do anything for simulation, however when I try to build I get the following error message:
Simulink detected an error 'Top-level output parameter y0 has unknown or opaque type.'. The error occurred for MATLAB System block 'EncoderTest/MATLAB System'. To prevent this error, modify the System object to avoid code that does not support code generation.
Maybe coder.opaque isn't the answer. This was supposed to be just a simple test to get things up and running. Ideally what I want to do is return a 6 element array of uint32 type that was declared as volatile. I'm just mentioning that to keep that in mind.
I have attached the .m file for the system and the .slx file, but unfortunately I can't attach .cpp or .h files :( If I had to guess I would say the problem is here:
function EncoderCounts = stepImpl(obj) %#ok<MANU>
EncoderCounts = coder.opaque('int','0');
if isempty(
% Place simulation output code here
EncoderCounts = 0;
% Call C-function implementing device output

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