Problem synchronization between a Simulink publisher and subscriber

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Muhammad TUFAIL
Muhammad TUFAIL on 15 Dec 2020
Answered: Mark McBroom on 25 Dec 2020
Hello everyone,
I am using Matlab R2018a with simulink and robotics toolbox. I have created a simple publisher node which uses robotics toolbox publisher module to publish a simple periodic pulse signal on a topic. Then i have created a susbscriber node separately, which subscribes to the published topic. But when i run the simulation (both models), i can see that the information received in the msg in subscriber model is not exactly same as the pulse i published in the publisher model. I run both models with same configuration parameters (fixed step size of 0.05). Do you guys have an idea what could be wrong here? I expect to receive the same pulse that i publish, but it's not the same periodic pulse.
Thanks for your cooperation.

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 25 Dec 2020
Simulink does not simulate in real-time, so there will always be variation in the execution speeds of Simulink models. You can try and control this by using Pacing mode to obtain psuedo real-time control

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