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Modifying line type scale

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ahmed ali
ahmed ali on 16 Dec 2020
Answered: Guru Kumaresan on 13 Jul 2021
When plotting a line with dashed style and the vector to be plotted contains very large number of points ,the resulted output line looks like continuous line style is there any method to keep the dashes appearing whatever the length of the data points???
Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE on 12 Jul 2021
yes , downsampling is the way to go, make sure the plotted data does not exceed length 500 to 1000 (test it)

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Guru Kumaresan
Guru Kumaresan on 13 Jul 2021
Hi Ahmed,
You are trying to plot the data that is very large when compared to the resolution of your monitor. This is the reason for you seeing the points as a continuous line. This is just a visualisation issue as the data is discrete. Try performing the following steps to have a proper visualisation:
  • Try downsampling your data because such a large data cannot be visualised as separate points because of the resolution issue.
  • One more way is to try reducing the markersize, which in turn will make the plot appear as you wanted.
If you need to modify the Markersize you can do as shown below:
For more information regarding plotting of data check Plot.
You can also refer stem documentation which plots the discrete sequence data.

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