Connecting Fuse in Simscape Transformer Circuit

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J. McCabe
J. McCabe on 5 Jan 2021
Answered: David John on 8 Nov 2021
Apologies if this is a dumb question, but I opened up the power_transformer Simscape example and attempted to add a Simscape Fuse block (Switches and Breakers/Fuse). However when I try to connect a terminal of the fuse to a terminal of the included transformer it won't allow it (circle with cross inside). It also won't connect to the included Simscape Fundamental Block/Parallel RLC load. Maybe I need to stick some sort of converter in-line to allow the connection?

Answers (1)

David John
David John on 8 Nov 2021
It sounds like you are trying to combine library blocks from "Specialized Power Systems" with Simscape-language-based blocks.
Please consider using the "Three-Winding Mutual Inductor" or the "RLC (Three-Phase)" block along with the Fuse for a solution completely using Simscape-language-based blocks.
If you really want to combine Specialized Power Systems blocks with Simscape-language-based blocks, then you will need to also use an "interface" block between the two different types of block: see Interface to Simscape - MATLAB & Simulink ( for example.




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