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How to create a netcdf in matlab which can be read by grads without using descriptor file?

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UTKARSH VERMA on 7 Jan 2021
Commented: UTKARSH VERMA on 28 Feb 2021
I have data containing lat, lon, time and precipitation values:
lat: 128*1double
lon 256*1double
time 3652*1double
pr 256*128*3652double
I have masked my original data and now I want to create netcdf file which has all the information of original files and most importantly it can be read by grads without the use of descriptor file.

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KSSV on 26 Feb 2021
% nc filename to be written
file = '' ;
%% Write lon and lat variables
% Get data
lon = 1:10 ;
lat = 1:10 ;
nx = length(lon) ;
nccreate(file,'lon','Dimensions',{'lon',1,nx},'DeflateLevel',7) ;
ny = length(lat) ;
nccreate(file,'lat','Dimensions',{'lat',1,ny},'DeflateLevel',7) ;
nccreate(file,'time','Dimensions',{'time',1,Inf},'DeflateLevel',7) ;
nccreate(file,'z','Dimensions',{'lon','lat','time'},'DeflateLevel',7) ;
for i = 1:10
ncwrite(file,'time',i,i) % write time
data = rand(10) ;
ncwrite(file,'z',data,[1,1,i]) ; % write 3D data
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UTKARSH VERMA on 28 Feb 2021
Thanks for replying.
I ran the above code and I tried to open the same file in Grads but it's not working.
Grads shows while opening the above generated nc file:
ga-> sdfopen
Scanning self-describing file:
gadsdf: SDF file has no discernable X coordinate.
To open this file with GrADS, use a descriptor file with an XDEF entry.
Documentation is at
Can you suggest some changes or addition to above code?

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