LaTeX valid interpreter error

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Justin Pehrson
Justin Pehrson on 29 Jan 2021
Commented: Justin Pehrson on 29 Jan 2021
I'm trying to insert this into a figure and Matlab keeps giving me the 'String scalar or character vector must have valid interpreter syntax:' error
text(-8,75,'\[X=x+vt+\frac{1}{2}(at^2)\]','Interpreter','latex','FontSize',7,'FontName','Palentino Linotype','Color','black')
any help would be appreciated
I'm also using the online version of matlab, I don't know if that would make a difference

Accepted Answer

andre con
andre con on 29 Jan 2021
Hi Justin,
You could try Latex code between $$. Below I have suggest a code that I have sure that work.
clc; clear all; close all;
text(1,1,'$X=x+vt+\frac{1}{2}(at^2)$','Interpreter','latex','FontSize',20,'FontName','Palentino Linotype','Color','black')
Justin Pehrson
Justin Pehrson on 29 Jan 2021
I used an online converter to get the latex format, I didn't need the brackets but they were put there anyways

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jan 2021
text(-8,75,'$\left[X=x+vt+\frac{1}{2}(at^2)\right]$','Interpreter','latex','FontSize',7,'FontName','Palentino Linotype','Color','black')


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