Finding the x correspondent of of the max y, in a loop.

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A Tex
A Tex on 19 Feb 2021
Edited: A Tex on 1 Mar 2021
So I currently have a loop in a loop and with the inside loop I use to populate a zeros array, Q, and the outer loop I use to change a value which will give me a different Q array each time. But for each Q, I need to find its max value and corresponding x value ( from vmax). The issue is, it seems my loops are fine, but for each loop, it does not change the value for vmax(index) and neither the max(Q) value. This is evident as just before the end of the inside loop I set vmax(index) to 0 and through the rest of the program it stayed at 0.
TT = zeros(9,1) %Vcrit
PP = zeros(9,1) % DAF
for aa = 0:8
% static analysis
a = a1 + aa*0.2
Q= zeros(79,1);
%% an ODE is present here
for ii = 0:78
%% an ODE is present here
Q(ii+1) = Rdyn/Rstatic;
Qmax = max(Q)
[Q_max, index] = max(Q);
vmax_max = vmax(index)
TT(aa+1) = vmax(index)
PP(aa+1) = max(Q)

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Gaurav Garg
Gaurav Garg on 22 Feb 2021
Assuming that you have initialized the vmax array before the provided source code, vmax array has not been updated in the given piece of code at any point.However, you are finding max(Q) correctly by assigning the index of maximum value and maximum value.

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