How to re-scale the Axises when exporting "Values" from binscatter ??

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I am using the h= binscatter(x,y,N) with N=250 to plot my data (figure 1 below). After I created it I extract counts=h.Values to plot the contour(counts) - (figure 2 below).. Thus, I have a question. How to rescale my Axises in contour plot (figure 2) to have the same values as on Figure 1????
Many thanks
Figure 1:
Figure 2 ([M,h]=contourf(counts,5);):

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Matteo Pellegri
Matteo Pellegri on 27 Feb 2021
I'm not sure I understand the question. Have you tried this?
xlim([x1 x2])
ylim([y1 y2])
Sergii Snegir
Sergii Snegir on 28 Feb 2021
Dear Matteo,
thanks for the hint with set(gca,'xtick',xmin:.1:xmax).
I tried to implement it directly but in appears in wrong place and not stretched to the full axis,see image below:

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