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Get Two Cell Arrays To Same Size

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Maskus Kit
Maskus Kit on 5 Apr 2021
Commented: Maskus Kit on 5 Apr 2021
Hello friends,
I have two cell arrays which I intend to eventually subtract from one another.
However, I have discovered they are of the same size but not same length (both attached). The cell arrays are both of size 181x1 with nested values of 44x95(double) except for the last two in the other file ('typevector_filtered').
I want to pad the empty values (in 'typevector_filtered') with zeros (0s) so that this cell array is the exact same size as the other one ('velocity_magnitude').
Any help kindly?
My attempts using this code (below) do not yield the same size (see image attached, last two rows end up being 95x1 double instead of 44x95double):
M = max(cellfun(@length, typevector_filtered));
>> Wanted = cellfun(@(x) [x; zeros(M - numel(x), 1)], typevector_filtered, 'un', 0);
Thank you.

Accepted Answer

KSSV on 5 Apr 2021
Edited: KSSV on 5 Apr 2021
load typevector_filtered.mat
S = size(typevector_filtered{1}) ;
for i = 1:length(typevector_filtered)
if ~isequal(size(typevector_filtered{i}),S)
typevector_filtered{i} = zeros(S) ;
Or, using Cellfun (which also uses loop inside)
load typevector_filtered.mat
S = size(typevector_filtered{1}) ;
P = cell2mat(cellfun(@size,typevector_filtered,'UniformOutput',false)) ;
[c,ia] = ismember(P,S,'rows') ;
idx = find(c==0) ;
typevector_filtered(idx) = {zeros(S)} ;
Maskus Kit
Maskus Kit on 5 Apr 2021
Just perfect, you're a life saver! If I could get you a covid jab right now I would immedaitely, haha.
Thanks so much!

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