If loop with character and two conditions

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Andreas Bull
Andreas Bull on 13 Apr 2021
Commented: J Chen on 13 Apr 2021
I am trying to create a loop, where I have ran two hypothesis tests, (ADF and KPSS test). And I want matlab to return the concltion in the command window, there is three outcomes, based on the conclution from the test.
This is what I got so far, but the problem is that in the case where the variable is not equal matlab returns: "Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation."...
% Stationarity conclution loop
if t_adf_fdiff.reject == t_kpss_fdiff.reject
disp('Inconclusive test');
if isequal(t_adf_fdiff.reject, 'reject H0') &&...
isequal(t_kpss_fdiff.reject, 'do not reject H0')
disp(['The time series does not containt a unit root, and are '...
if isequal(t_adf_fdiff.reject, 'do not reject H0') &&...
isequal(t_kpss_fdiff.reject, 'reject H0')
disp(['The time series containt a unit root, and are not'...

Answers (1)

J Chen
J Chen on 13 Apr 2021
Edited: J Chen on 13 Apr 2021
insteafd of t_adf_fdiff.reject == t_kpss_fdiff.reject. The two if statements under the top if statement are meaningless since t_adf_fdiff.reject will be always equal to t_kpss_fdiff.reject.
J Chen
J Chen on 13 Apr 2021
The strcmp(t_adf.reject,t_kpss_level.reject) will not be true in the first place in this case.

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