Issue to compile MATLAB embedded code in R2013a

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I have a Simulink model with some MATLAB function blocks in it. I did it using R2012a.
However, the model doesn't compile under R2013a. It says that it can't find any C compiler, which is needed for MATLAB Coder. I added the C compiler of MS Visual Studio 2012, using mex -setup, but the error remains.
Is there any known issue about this?
Also the Model Advisor gives an error, telling something about substituting the blocks with the ones of R2013a, but I didn't understand if that is referrend to the MATLAB functin bloks. I hope I don't have to redo ex-novo the whole model.
Note that all of this applies notwithstanding I saver the model in the new format .slx, as the advisor told me to do. Thanks, Luca

Accepted Answer

Ken Atwell
Ken Atwell on 6 Jul 2013
The support for Visual Studio 2012 was incomplete in R2013a -- see this support solution for a patch. Let us know if this addresses your issue or not.
Luca Barbiero
Luca Barbiero on 12 Jul 2013
Yes, The Patch fixed the problem. I can now run the model with no further issues. Thanks again!

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