Rerun script with different table input

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I wrote quite a long script, that uses table data, like so:
Location = table1.Location;
Is there a way to replace "table1" in all lines of the script and replace it e.g. with table2? To get:
Location = table2.Location;
Additionally I'm relying on tablesizes in my script (probably not a good way to do that) but I manually entered e.g.:
sh(1:2734) = sh;
where (1:2734) represents the table size. Is there a way to have the following?
sh("tablesize") = sh
Thanks for your help!
Lukas Netzer
Lukas Netzer on 5 May 2021
Allready got it! I did it with find and replace ;))

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Accepted Answer

David Hill
David Hill on 5 May 2021
You should always attempt to index. Put all your tables into a single cell array.
%then index into t
sh(size(t{n}))=sh;%not sure what you are using this for, but size() gives the size of the table

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