error in fmincon function

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Aakash Divakar
Aakash Divakar on 6 Jun 2021
Commented: Aakash Divakar on 6 Jun 2021
clear all;
objective=@(r)((r(2))*(-25)*(2^(1-max(r(2)/(8*r(3)),r(2)/r(4)))))/(15*r(1))+ 2*(r(5)/r(1));
r0= [1 25 120 100 1000];
A= [];
b= [];
Aeq= [];
beq= [];
lb= [1 10 70 100 500];
ub= [7 40 120 110 600];
nonlcon= @nclon1;
function [c,ceq] = nclon1(r)
c = r(1)^2 + r(2)^2 + r(3)^3 + r(4)^4 + r(5)^5 - 1;
ceq = [];
r= fmincon(objective,r0,A,b,Aeq,beq,lb,ub,nonlcon);
disp(r) %Values
disp(objective(r)) %Points
error msg:
Function definitions in a script must appear at the end of the file.
Move all statements after the "nclon1" function definition to before the first local function

Accepted Answer

Manas Minnoor
Manas Minnoor on 6 Jun 2021
Hi Aakash,
Any function definition in a script must be at the end. You may not follow a function definition with unrelated code.
Please refer to this link as this question has already been answered.
Hope this solves it.

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