How to remove certain rows of data in a cell array using logical indexing?

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I have a 1x11 cell array and I am trying to clean the data using logical indexing, i.e. remove certain rows in each cell once a simple condition is met. The cells are of different lengths (but always 20 columns) and I want the same conditions to be applied to all, i.e. when certain parameters (representing a number of the columns in each cell) exceed a certain threshold.
What is the best way to approach this? Thus far, I have recevied the 'matrix index is out of range for deletion' error message.

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 13 Jun 2021
Here is an example where I keep only rows of each matrix where the sum is greater than 1. Perhaps you can adapt it to your specific criterion:
% Set the random seed
rng default
% Create some input data
n = 11;
c_in = cell(1,n);
for ni = 1:n
c_in{ni} = rand(7,2);
% Preallocate the output cell array to be the same size as the input
c_out = cell(size(c_in));
% For each cell, keep only the rows that sum to greater than 1
for ni = 1:n
keepRowIndex = sum(c_in{ni},2) > 1;
c_out{ni} = c_in{ni}(keepRowIndex,:);
There are slicker ways to do this, using the cellfun function, but better to understand this way first.

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