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URGENT help on TSA with tach signal

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Ola Ola
Ola Ola on 16 Jun 2021
Commented: Ola Ola on 17 Jun 2021
I have a dataset that has the tach signal in colum 3 and the vib signal in colum 1.
I am trying to perform time synchronous averaging of this signal using the matlab inbuilt function (tsa(data(:,1), fs, tach,'PulsesPerRotation', 10);)
but I keep getting the follwoing error
Please can someone help me out with this as I am new to MATLAB?

Accepted Answer

dpb on 16 Jun 2021
I've not used it, but doc (and error message) indicate that the time pulse input is either a fixed scalar or increasing time for the pulses--
tp Pulse times
scalar | vector
Pulse times, specified as a scalar or a vector.
  • Scalar — a constant time interval over which rotations occur.
  • Vector — nonnegative, strictly increasing instants that define constant rotational phase.
Use tachorpm to extract tachometer pulse times from a tachometer signal.
It appears maybe from your description and the error you have an actual tachometer input signal, not the pulse times; for starters try the hint above with
tsa(data(:,1), fs, tachorpm(tach));
as a guess without seeinng the data or knowing for sure what your variable tach is -- I'm presuming it is data(:,3) from the description.

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