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Is there a simple way to omit legend entries?

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Srh Fwl
Srh Fwl on 16 Jun 2021
Commented: Srh Fwl on 17 Jun 2021
I have plotted figures where there are numerous diagonal reference lines. I only need one line to appear in the legend. However, none of the solutions I have found so far online seem to work for getting rid of the unnecessary lines. The best I can do so far (as shown in my example figure) is to remove the text "Reference line" but not the associated line. Can anyone offer advice?
I have made my legend by doing this:
refline4=plot(xref4,yref4,'Color',[0.4 0.4 0.4],'LineStyle', '-','Linewidth',0.5,'DisplayName','Reference line'); hold on
When I delete
DisplayName','Reference line',
I don't get the test "Reference line" for a particular line, but I do get the line as shown in my figure. Is there a way to eliminate the lines in a way that works with the code I have? I have a lot of it and it would be very onerous to have to collect the legend labels in lists (and leave the items I don't want out of the lists) as shown in another solution I saw online. Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Jonas on 16 Jun 2021
you can do your normal graph plotting and one of your reference lines and then you can set the auto update property of the legend to off. after that you can plot the other reference lines.
Srh Fwl
Srh Fwl on 17 Jun 2021
Thank you very much. That works--using
and then putting the plot commands that I don't want to be included in the legend after it.

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