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If Else simple calculation not working

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Jorge Young
Jorge Young el 17 de Jun. de 2021
Comentada: Jorge Young el 17 de Jun. de 2021
Thanks in advance, I feel like this is a very simple task and I can not get the correct answer.
for the csv Vals.csv
I want to add a value of 50 if Vals.Values < 50, and subtract if Vals.Values > 50. when I try to run the example, it just returns the same values in the table.
if Vals.Values <= 50
Vals.Values = Vals.Values + 50;
Vals.Values = Vals.Values - 50;

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SALAH ALRABEEI el 17 de Jun. de 2021
% Try this
mask = Vals.Values <= 50;
Vals(mask).Values = Vals(mask).Values + 50;
Vals(~mask).Values = Vals(~mask).Values - 50;

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre el 17 de Jun. de 2021
Your code works for me, with one modification - using Vals.Value instead of Vals.Values.
One thing to be aware of, Your code works in this example because all the values are less than 50. The conditional statement in an if statement accepts a single logical outcome. When you use a logical comparison on a vector, you get a result for each comparison. Therefore, the if statement treats it as if it were written all(Vals.Value <= 50). If every coparison is true, then only the if statement code runs. If even one is false, the only the else statement code runs. Either way, only one condition is executing.
The solution is to either use a for loop to check each value one at a time, or better, use logical indexing.
ind50 = Vals.Values <= 50;
Vals.Values(ind50) = Vals.Values(ind50) + 50;
Vals.Values(~ind50) = Vals.Values(~ind50) - 50;
See Ch 12 of MATLAB Onramp.


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