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MATLAB Coder - ld: 32-bit RIP relative reference out of range

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Vadim Bertrand
Vadim Bertrand on 30 Jun 2021
Commented: Vadim Bertrand on 22 Jul 2021
I'm trying to compile MATLAB functions to C++ using MATLAB Coder and I'm getting the following error message:
ld: 32-bit RIP relative reference out of range
I should mention that when running the entrypoint function whitin MATLAB it consumes ~15GB of RAM because it works on large matrices.
I'm under OSX and I use clang++ shipped with the lastest version of XCode. MATLAB version is 2020a.
I don't have experience with C++ compiling and linking proces so I'm a bit out of clue on how to solve this error. If anyone can provide explainations and ideas to fix it will be really helpfull.

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Adit Calambur
Adit Calambur on 21 Jul 2021
Hi Vadim,
To summarise your issue, you are unable to generate code for an entry-point function of considerable size. On further reading about this error message, it seems as if your compiler is having trouble allocating memory above a certain threshold. Possible solutions might be:
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Vadim Bertrand
Vadim Bertrand on 22 Jul 2021
Thanks for your answer.
Indeed the problem was related to memory allocation, and to my understanding to static or fix memory allocation. I forced MATLAB Coder to consider the big matrices causing issues to be dynamically allocated by passing their dimensions as parameters to my function instead of having them constant. Maybe it adds some computation time overhead but it was the only workaround I found to my original issue. (Before I tried to use -mcmodel=large without success)

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