Data length error in OFDM Simulink

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rajmouli jujjavarapu
rajmouli jujjavarapu on 20 Jul 2021
Greetings Community members,
I am trying to simulate an OFDM modulated Communicaion system, where I used very basic blocksets such as 16-QAM, Integer Generator, OFDM modulator. I have also used all the required Demodulators and their parameters are same as those of its corresponding modulators. Now after this, when I'm evaluating the error rate, I'm getting an error that the length of Tx. and Rx. is not same. But I'm not able to figure out why?
Please Do help me if anyone knowws the answer. Thank you.
rajmouli jujjavarapu
rajmouli jujjavarapu on 23 Jul 2021
Thank you for showing your interest in solving my question.
I have shared the file, I would also like to mention that I have added the buffers hoping that it would solve the issue but still there is a problem.

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