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Error when using spice model for MOSFET for Basic Buck w/ PI control

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Hi all. I'm trying to simulink a buck converter w/ PI control with a MOSFET SPICE model with a generated block created from a spice netlist. I keep getting thrown a error that I don't really understand. Below is the picture of my model and the error.
This is just a basic buck converter with PI control, so the only thing I was thinking was the problem was the MOSFET, but it keeps highlighting the simulink-ps converter as the issue which I don't really understand.
I have attached my files as well for feedback. If someone could explain what is going on, that would be super helpful. Thank you.
For reference: Node 3 is the source, Node 2 is the gate, and Node 1 is the Drain.

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Yoshi Minagawa
Yoshi Minagawa on 28 Jul 2021
Hi Christine,
When this error occurs, it maybe is valid to enable the filter of Simulink-PS Converter block. By enabling the filter, you can provide the derivatives needed for Simscape calculations. For details, please refer to the similar answer.
I hope this will help.

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